Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2023-01-24T11:57:31-08:00

Q: How long do we need to stay off the sealcoat?
A: We recommend staying off the sealcoat for at least 24 hours.
Q: How long do I need to stay off my new asphalt?
A: Once we are done rolling, normal car traffic can drive on it pretty much right after. If
possible, heavy trucks should stay off it for about 24 hours.
Q: When do I need to have all irrigation turned off?
A: Please just make sure all irrigation such as sprinklers are turned off the day prior to the work
being done.
Q: What does “water access has been approved” mean?
A: We just need to have access to an exterior water connection. It’s not likely that we would
need to use it but in case we need more water for equipment such as our roller, we would like
to have that option.
Q: Why would the price on my bid increase or need to be updated in the future?
A: Things like asphalt, oil, signage material, striping material, thermoplastic, etc., are constantly
increasing in price. Unfortunately, we cannot determine what those prices may look like in the
future. Because of that, we will likely need to update prices prior to the work being done to
reflect those price increases.
Q: Can I pay with a credit card?
A: Yes, we do take credit cards; however, when paying with card, there is a 3% service fee. We
also take checks as well.
Q: When do I need to pay? Is there a deposit required?
A: There is no deposit required. We will bill you after the work is completed. We expect
payment within 30 days after receiving your invoice.
Q: Do you spray or squeegee sealcoat?
A: We apply our sealcoat by spraying it on. Spraying on sealcoat allows for more control in the
application process and creates a solid even seal. Spraying also puts down more sealcoat
compared to squeegeeing.
Q: Do I need to clean my driveway/parking lot before the sealcoat?
A: We send out our prep crew before we sealcoat if the driveway or parking lot needs to be
cleaned. Unless otherwise stated in our bid, A-Line will provide all the cleaning and prep work
that needs to be done.
Q: Why are cars causing tire marks on my new sealcoat?
A: It is normal for cars to make tire marks on fresh sealcoat. They are even more noticeable if
the temperatures are really high after sealcoating. The marks will work themselves out with
more traffic